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Speed Gate

The system checks user information and controls/manages access through user identification card authentication when installed at the entrance of buildings such as public institutions, libraries, universities, and companies. Provides statistical data on visitors to support effective access management.

Access Control System (Wide Single Type)

  • Model Name : EZ-2212WG
  • Procurement Item Identification Number 23425372

Access Control System(Wide Basic Type)

  • Model Name : EZ-2211WG
  • Procurement Item Identification Number 23425382

Access Control System (Single Type)

  • Model Name : EZ-2202WG
  • Procurement Item Identification Number 23258930

Access Control System(Basic Type)

  • Model Name : EZ-2201WG
  • Procurement Item Identification Number 23258929

Access Control System

Access Control System (Wide Single Type)

Product Design

It is advanced by applying aluminum, stainless steel, and LED orientation instructions, and it is configured in harmony with the surrounding environment through the application of a wired design.
The product is differentiated through a wide type (passage width of 850 mm), which is easy to move not only the general type but also wheelchairs/baggage, and is optimized for the library environment with its low noise design.

Securely restricts the access of unauthorized personnel. The height of the door (blocking plate) is 1,300mm which is sufficient to prevent users from jumping over without permission.
Installing a fixed panel on the gate top prevents people from jumping over the handle.
Low Failure Rate, Highest Durability and Reliability Provides low failure rate, low noise, and excellent durability by using expensive AC servo motors.
Easy maintenance by using reliable parts
Effective Access Control Supports one-way or two-way operation (direction setting, door opening speed adjustable)
Blocking reverse entry and prevents simultaneous entry of unauthorized persons.
Effective safety measures in case of power failure or emergency Doors are automatically opened in case of power failure, allowing quick evacuation in case of emergency.
There is an automatic door opening function in case of fire and fire-fighting facilities.
Remote Power Control Remote power on/off is supported (S/W, remote control (optional))
Mobile Access Control (optional) Mobile Web-based Access Control and Operational support
Individual Management with Server and Web-based Gate Operations
Stable gate operation is possible regardless of whether the PC is operating normally.

Installation case

  • Dongguk University Central Library

  • Daegu Oriental Medical University Library

  • Pohang EcoPro BM

  • Inha Technical College

Appearance Measurements General Type : 963(H) x 280(W) x 1,300(L) mm(±10)
Wide Type : 963(H) x 450(W) x 1,300(L) mm(±10)
Material Stainless Steel (enclosure), Aluminum (top), Tempered Glass 12 mm (door)
Operating Environment and Configuration Driving Unit AC Servo Moter, Glass Wing Silding opening and closing.
Sensor Sensing sensor 6 sets and safety sensor 4 sets.
Reader FRID Reader, 1D/2D Bar Code Scanner
Passage Width 550~600mm
820mm(Wide Type)
Peripheral Equipment Gate for the disabled, guide fence, access control operation PC, etc.
Software Access Control Program, Monitoring