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Thermal Sensing System

Detects micro heating through AI algorithm-based behavior analysis selection and various big data are utilized to provide accuracy of temperature measurements.

Thermal Sensing System

  • Model Name : EZ-0310TMK
  • Procurement Item Identification Number 23941758

Thermal Sensor System

Thermal Sensing System

Supports facial detection based on AI algorithms, and notifies those who have a fever.
When high temperatures are detected, the built-in speaker's alarm and screen capture ensure that inspectors do not miss the information when monitoring.
Supports the Access Control System and provides automatic visitor DB construction function (RFID barcode recognition).

Installation case

  • Dongshin University

  • Jeju Children's Library

Appearance Size 2,000mm(H) X 740mm(W) X 475mm(D)(±10)
Material Steel
Operating Environment and Configuration Resolution 60*120 thermal resolution
NETD Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference: 40 mK
Lens 3/6mm thermal lens, 4/6mm opical lens
Temperature Measurement Range 30~45 degrees (error ±0.5˚C)
Whether Dedicated For the measurement of heat generation.
Composition Mobile stand, thermal imaging camera, 43-inch DID, set-top for operation server, warning lights, etc.